"I literally only had 2 dollars left in my pocket when I was going to meet Bruno for our 1st session. I had to get 2 buses & it cost me the last money I had. It turned out to be the best 2 dollars I have ever spent."

Philip Lawrence

New interview of Bruno Mars by La Opinión de Zamora (personal translation)


Bruno Mars: “If I was invisible, I would go naked all the time”

"The world lacks great leadership, something that unites us as human beings and makes us sympathetic," says the singer.

ESTEVE RIPOLL ALLUÉ | MAGAZINE At 28 and with only 2 albums to his credit, this little hawaiian with Porto Rican roots has become the gifted child of the North American pop music. He tours the World, dominates the charts and this year he won a Grammy Award and performed during the Superbowl in front of 115 millions viewers.

You took the stage from the age of 4. What do live performances mean to you? 

This is all I’m able to do. This is the most important for me, this is what I have been doing since i’m a kid. That’s why I want to do music, because I have a blast when I play with my band. I love live performances. This is what keeps this motivation alive.

What’s the most relevant thing you have learnt from music? 
That this is my escape, my art, the way I express myself. I am more comfortable singing “Locked Out Of Heaven” than answering this question. 

How does it feel to win some of the biggest music awards? (Grammy, Brit and American Music Award)?
It’s a great honor to see that the industry recognizes your value in occasions like the Grammy Awards, that are like the Superbowl but for musicians, but I don’t do music to win trophies. I think that nobody should do it for that reason.

To what extent does the fact that you grew up in Hawaii has made you the musician you are today?

I think that it explains why I am as little orthodox. Reggae is an important part of the hawaiian culture, and I grew up with the rock from the seventies that my father was listening. Then, when I was a teenager, I went to clubs. That’s why I also like hip-hop and music that makes you dance. All of this explains what kind of music I write. 

As an artist, how do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I hope that I will be doing the music I want. And that I’ll be singing the songs I have written today.

You are known to be very self-critical. Is it true? 
Yes, very. I am completely implicated in everything related to my albums. I pay a maximum attention to the details. This is the most complicated part in my work. Sometimes I stay awake the all night because I listen to the songs and I detect any mistake I make, wether it be on the bass, on the piano, with my voice, or on the drums. There is no end in my will to improve the songs.

Which artist inspired your vocation?
Without any doubts, Michael Jackson.

Your songs bring good vibes. What does this World need to be a better place? 
Where do I start? Lots of things! The world lacks great leadership, something that unites us as human beings and makes us sympathetic. We are only human beings and we should love and respect each other.

What would you change in your past?
My haircut in high school.

What would you do if you could be invisible?
I think that I would go naked every time.

What comes to your mind first when you wake up?
Where is my coffee?

His favorite breakfast. 
Fried eggs and bacon.

His car.
A 1967 Chevrolet Nova

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